Charles Chabot ( 1815 - 1882)

Chabot was a renown expert in handwriting, belonged to a Huguenot family, and was born at Battersea in 1815. He was originally a lithographer, but gradually acquired a large private practice as an expert in handwriting, while his unswerving integrity, no less than his skill, made him in much request in the law courts. He gave evidence in the Roupell and Tichborne trials, and in some other important cases his testimony practically governed the decisions. In 1871 Chabot examined professionally the handwriting of the letters of Junius and compared it with the handwriting of those persons to whom the letters had at various times been attributed. His detailed reports, which confirmed the identification of Sir Philip Francis with Junius, were published, with a preface and collateral evidence by the Hon. Edward Twistleton, in 1871. Chabot died on 15 Oct. 1882.

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