Le Cheval Canadien

Title: Le Cheval Canadien
Date: C1907
Artist: Otto Eerelman (1839-1926)
Image Size: 440mm x 590mm (17.32" x 23.23")
Technique: Original colour lithograph printed on textured paper to simulate brush strokes
Condition: In good condition.
Stock Number: ECTM 038 HOR (KIHLY) (FLR)
Price: $A 375

Stunning large portrait of a Canadian horse. 

The lithographs were printed on textured paper to look like oil paintings.

The Canadian Horse descended from the French stock Louis XIV sent to Canada in the late 17th century. The initial shipment, in 1665, consisted of two stallions and twenty mares from the Royal Stables in Normandy and Brittany, the center of French horse breeding. Only 12 of the 20 mares survived the trip. Two more shipments followed, one in 1667 of 14 horses (mostly mares, but with at least one stallion), and one in 1670 of 11 mares and a stallion. The shipments included a mix of draft horses and light horses, the latter of which included both pacing and trotting horses. The exact origins of all the horses are unknown, although the shipments probably included Bretons, Normans, Arabians, Andalusians and Barbs.

From, L'espèce chevaline à travers le monde.


Otto Eerelman (1839-1926) 

Otto Eerelman was a pupil of the Dutch artist Jan Hendrik Egenberger. He is best known for his superb horse portraits but his is also painted dogs. His popularity increased even further when he received a commission from the Dutch royal family. For more than 25 years Eerelman painted important moments in the life of Princess and later Queen Wilhelmina.