Pearl Fishing in Torres Straits.

Title: Pearl Fishing in Torres Straits.
Date: C1884
Artist: James Waltham Curtis (1839-1901)
Image Size: 340mm x 230mm (13.39" x 9.06")
Technique: Hand coloured engraving.
Condition: In good condition.
Stock Number: ISN DIV 841025 017 (NRGY) (B010)
Price: $A 325
Rare colonial engraving of Australian pearling showing numerous helmeted divers and pearl luggers at work.|

Titles of inset view;

Rendezvous of boats on patch.
Divers gathering Shells
A Novel Defence
An Unwelcome Visitor

From the original edition of the Illustrated Sydney News.



James Waltham Curtis (1839-1901)

Painter, illustrator and photographic colourist. A regular exhibitor at the Black and White exhibitions, Victorian Academy of Arts, in the 1880s. painter, illustrator and photographic colourist, was born in Devonshire. He had worked on the London Graphic and Sketcherbefore coming to Victoria, probably with the goldrush. In Melbourne he worked first as a colourist for Johnstone, O’Shannessy and Co., then as an illustrator on the Illustrated Australian News succeeding O.R. Campbell. 

He often signed his works with the monogram.