Nominations for the East Sydney Parliamentary Elections.

Title: Nominations for the East Sydney Parliamentary Elections.
Date: C1869
Artist: Arthur Collingridge de Tourcey (1853-1907)
Image Size: 175mm x 237mm (6.89" x 9.33")
Technique: Hand coloured engraving.
Condition: In good condition.
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Rare The nominations took place at the hustings in Hyde Park, when eleven candidates were proposed. Of these Sir J. Martin, Messrs. Parkes, King, Buchanan, Cowper, Salamons, Hunt, Steel, and Neale went to the poll. The show of hands was in favour of Sir J. Martin, Messrs. Cowper, Buchanan, and Parkes. Three out of the four were elected, the fourth seat falling to Mr. G. King, a well-known merchant of this city.

From the original edition of the Illustrated Sydney News.

Arthur Collingridge de Tourcey (1853-1907)

Collingridge was a painter, illustrator and teacher who became staff artist for the Illustrated London News and The Graphic both very successful London newspapers, before emigrating to Australia. He was one of several sons in an old Catholic family from Godington Manor, Oxfordshire. Like his brother George , he mostly dropped the 'de Tourcey’ in Australia. came to Sydney in 1879 where he worked as an illustrator for the Sydney Mail , the Town and Country Journal. He founded the New South Wales Art Society and was staff artist of the Illustrated Sydney News. Collingridge exhibited widely, mainly in New South Wales and was a founding member of the Royal Art Society of NSW 1880.