Plunbago & Gaillardia

Title: Plunbago & Gaillardia
Date: C1918
Artist: Tanigami Konan (1879-1928)
Image Size: 224mm x 332mm (8.82" x 13.07")
Technique: Woodblock.
Condition: In good condition, with centre fold as issued.
Stock Number: JWB SSZO 319 (NOGY) (C116)
Price: $A 165

Woodblock of Plunbago & Gaillardia by Tanigami Konan,  from the series,Seiyo Soka Zofu, or aPictorial Book of Western Flowers

The woodblock process requires a separate block for virtually every colour. A simple subject by Japanese standards would usually use up to nine different blocks. A key block would be cut first, giving the outlines of the image drawn by the artist.


Tanigami Konan (1879-1928)

Konan was a renowned woodblock artist and the first to depict western flowers in traditional Japanese woodblocks. These followed the Japan-British Exhibition of 1910 that presented the best of Japanese products to the west. From: 'Seiyo Soka Zofu',(Pictorial Book of Western Flowers).