Pied Shag - Emperor Shag

Title: Pied Shag - Emperor Shag
Date: C1888
Artist: Johannes Gerard Keulemans (1842-1912)
Image Size: 288mm x 220mm (11.34" x 8.66")
Technique: Lithograph printed in colour.
Condition: in good condition.
Stock Number: BONZ 026 (OGY) (C104)
Price: $A 195

Common name    Pied shag

Binomial name    Phalacrocorax varius

First described   Gmelin 1789




Johannes Gerard Keulemans (1842-1912)

Keulemans was a Dutch bird artist and illustrator.

He was born in Rotterdam and as a young man he collected animal specimens for museums such as the Natural History Museum in Leiden, whose director, Hermann Schlegel, encouraged Keulemans and sent him on the 1864 expedition to West Africa. In 1869, he was persuaded by Richard Bowdler Sharpe to illustrate his Monograph of the Alcedinidae, or Family of Kingfishers (1868-1871) and to move to England, where he lived for the rest of his life.