Carta Geografica del Canada Nell America Settentrionale

Title: Carta Geografica del Canada Nell America Settentrionale
Date: C1750
Mapmaker: Giovambattista Albrizzi (1698-1777)
Image Size: 330mm x 425mm (12.99" x 16.73")
Technique: Hand coloured copper engraving.
Condition: In good condition, with centre fold as issued.
Stock Number: ANOV 2040 AM CAN (NGPD) (C025)
Price: $A 1,125

Rare and decorative map of Eastern Canada and New England, including the Great Lakes, Labrador and Hudson's Bay. There are numerous notes on the map of local features, numerous forts are recorded as are the Indian tribes. At centre left is a long note on Lahontan's Longue River of the West and above this is an elaborate title cartouche.

From: Albrizzi, Atlante Novissimo del Sigr. Guglielmo de L'Isle, Venezia. (volume Secondo MDCCL-1750)


Giovambattista Albrizzi (1698-1777)

Publisher, patron, collector and one of the great figures of eighteenth-century Venetian intellectual and cultural life. Although Venice had been the centre of the European map trade during the sixteenth century, its importance was greatly diminished in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries as Dutch and German publishers became increasingly dominant.