Title: Asia.
Date: C1843
Mapmaker: Alexander George Findlay (1812-1875)
Image Size: 198mm x 247mm (7.8" x 9.72")
Sheet Size: 207mm x 265mm (8.15" x 10.43")
Technique: Copper engraving
Condition: In good condition
Stock Number: ASI 1843 FIND (NTGY) (F06) (1)
Price: $A 45

Finely engraved small detailed map of Asia. The map is dated 1843 in the publication line. A framed border design surrounds the map. 


Alexander George Findlay (1812-1875)

London geographer, chartmaker, publisher and engraver. He worked with John Purdy on compiling charts and sailing directions for Richard Holmes Laurie, taking charge of the firm's hydrographic work on Purdy's death in 1843. Elected to the RGS 8 Jan 1844, proposed by his father, John Arrowsmith and the artist, William Brockedon. He became manager and eventually owner of the Laurie firm in 1858.