Aracam [Burma]

Title: Aracam [Burma]
Date: C1598
Mapmaker: Barent Langenes
Image Size: 87mm x 125mm (3.43" x 4.92")
Technique: Hand coloured copper engraving.
Condition: In good condition.
Stock Number: ASI BUR LANG 1598 (NGPD) (C022)
Price: $A 425

Early issue of Barent Langenes's map of Burma, one of the earliest maps to solely focus on Burma. The map focuses around present day Bago (Pegu on the map) which is the capital of the Bago Region in Myanmar.

Langenes map is named after one of the kingdoms which comprised the region of Burma. 

Reference: Suarez P.190, ill. Fig 107, p.190

From Langenes, Caert-Thresoor

Image size: 87mm x 125mm (3.5" x 5")