I.Condrilla foetida [Pink hawksbeard] II. Odontitis Plinii

Title: I.Condrilla foetida [Pink hawksbeard] II. Odontitis Plinii
Date: C1713
Artist: Basil Besler (1561-1629)
Engraver: Crepis rubra
Image Size: 380mm x 240mm (14.96" x 9.45")
Sheet Size: 560mm x 440mm (22.05" x 17.32")
Technique: Hand coloured copper engraving.
Condition: In good condition.
Stock Number: HEYST 256 BESL (NGPD) (LF026)
Price: $A 1,850

Spectacular engraving of the Pink hawksbeard flower from Basil Besler's Hortus Eystettensis, the greatest florilegium ever made which recorded all the plants in their actual size which were in the botanical garden developed by the Prince Bishop of Eichstatt in Bavaria. 

Common name: Pink hawksbeard
Binomial name : Crepis rubra


Basil Besler (1561-1629)

A Nuremburg apothecary in charge of Prince Bishop of Eicstatt’s elaborate gardens. Over a period of sixteen years Besler undertook his monumental florilegia, documenting more than one thousand flowers. Each plate is beautifully designed with the plants depicted whole and life size. The most delightfully drawn and visually impressive botanical illustrations of all time.