Election Sketches.

Title: Election Sketches.
Date: C1886
Artist: Unknown
Image Size: 430mm x 240mm (16.93" x 9.45")
Technique: Engraving.
Condition: In good condition.
Stock Number: AS POL 860310041 (NTG) (DRW05)
Price: $A 75
Amusing colonial cartoon of election campaigning in Australia.
Inset titles from top left clockwise:

1. A fit & proper person 
2.  "On the contrary"
3. A show of hands for & against
4. Another plank -- Woman suffrage
5. The Elector who would ask that awkward question
6. The gas was turned out and
7. "All that I have said against coalition I take back"

From the original edition of the Australasian Sketcher.