Title: "Elliman's Scored Again!"
Date: C1890
Artist: Unknown
Image Size: 235mm x 340mm (9.25" x 13.39")
Technique: Engraving.
Condition: In good condition.
Stock Number: ILN SP POLO 9002057 (NTGY) (DRW06)
Price: $A 115

Scarce engraved advert of a polo match advert for Elliman's embrocation.

The Elliman family came to Slough in 1845, and James Elliman Senior set up a drapery business while he developed his soon-to-be-famous embrocation, which he had been experimenting on for years before deciding to market it. The embrocation was first sold in 1847, as a rub for animals. By 1850 it was being sold for use by humans, as an aid for aching muscles and joints.

From the original edition of The Illustrated London News.