South Australia. Southern Part.

Title: South Australia. Southern Part.
Date: C1879
Mapmaker: Edward Stanford (1827-1904)
Image Size: 175mm x 250mm (6.89" x 9.84")
Technique: Original engraving printed in colour.
Condition: In good condition, folds as issued.
Stock Number: SCGTWA 193 AM SA (KTL) (C093)
Price: $A 95

Founder of one of the most prominent geographical publishing houses in the C19th who took over the stock of The Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge.


Edward Stanford  (1827-1904)

Apprenticed as a printer and stationer. He founded his business in partnership with Saunders in 1852 as "Suanders & Stanford" but was dissolved in 1853. He founded "Stanford's Geographical Establishment" 1857, employing Suanders and Alexander Keith Johnston to prepare maps. By 1864 he was employing twenty-eight men and thirteen boys. He acquire the John Arrowsmith stock at auction in 1874 and by 1881 his staff had grown to sixty-five men, nineteen boys and three women, with his son Edward Standford II (1856-1917) acting as his assistant. He retired in 1882 and his son took over. The firm still exists.