Sparmannia Africana. African Sparmannia.[African Hemp]

Sparmannia Africana. African Sparmannia.[African Hemp]
Sydneham Edwards (1768-1819)
Image Size:
200mm x 113mm (7.87" x 4.45")
Sheet Size:
235mm x 140mm (9.25" x 5.51")
In good condition.
Copper engraving with original hand colouring
Stock Number:
CBMA 0516 BOT OS (NIG) (DRW01)

Fine original hand coloured botanical illustration of the African Hemp which is native to South Africa.

Modern binomial name: Sparmannia Africana
Common name: African Hemp

From Curtis's Botanical Magazine: or, Flower-Garden Displayed.


Sydneham Edwards (1768-1819)

Initially worked for Curtis's Botanical Magazine, until a dispute with the publishers when he started his own rival magazine The Botanical Register. He was born in Monmouthshire, a from an early age demonstrated a precocious talent for drawing and when only 11 years old had copied plates from Flora Londinensis. A friend of William Curtis, the publisher visited the Edwards and recommended the boy to Curtis. Curtis proceeded to have Edwards trained in both botany and botanical illustration. Edwards was a prolific talent and between 1787 and 1815 he produced over 1,700 watercolours for Curtis's Botanical Magazine. He established The Botanical Register in 1815 after a disagreement with John Sims, Curtis's editor.