Corneille Mortier and Jean Coven

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Corneille Mortier and Jean Coven

Hand coloured engraving.

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x 457mm
Polar map showing the extent of Artic exploration much hope was placed on a northwest passage. Issued by Covens and Mortier.

Pieter Mortier & Covens Mortier’s publishing interests covered a wide fielding including French, English and Dutch maps. On his death his son Cornelis took over the business and in 1721 he married the sister of Johannes Covens and in the same year entered into partnership as publishers. Covens and Mortier became one of the most important firms in the Dutch map publishing business.


Guillaume Delisle (1675-1726)

Leading French cartographer of the C18th who was reknown for the accuracy of his maps.

He studied under Jean Cassini and from an early age showed his talent. At the age of 27 Delisle was admitted to theAcademie Royale des Sciencesand by 1718 he had been made the Royal Geographer. His maps reflect his scientific approach to map making by including the most up to date cartographic information as well as the use of new astronomical information. Where he was unable to verify information conclusively, he would note the fact on his maps.

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