John Bartholomew (1860 - 1920)

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John Bartholomew (1860 - 1920)

Colour printed engraving.

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x 310mm

Detailed map of Antarctica showing the extent of the Mean Limit Drift Ice. Noted also are the dates of discovery of various locations. There are two comments:

the first, (Unexplored South Polar Continent)
the other states, (Probably limit of Continent).

National Library of Australia: Bib 3990404


John George Bartholomew (1860–1920)   

John George Bartholomew brought the firm to prominence. In particular, J.G. Bartholomew made the firm a publisher of its own works, rather than a producer of maps for other firms.  He was the fourth John George Bartholomew of this famous map making family. He took over the business at 28 years of age became Cartographer to King George V and was founder of the Scottish Geographical Society.

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