A Man of Kamtschatka, Travelling in Winter.


John Webber (1752 - 1793)

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A Man of Kamtschatka, Travelling in Winter.




John Webber (1752 - 1793)


In good condition.


Copper engraving.

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x 255mm


Rare engraving from the official British Admiralty sanctioned edition of the accounts of Cook’s third and final voyage. All other later copies made of this image by other publishers were unauthorised, usually smaller and inferior in quality.

The first sledges drawn by dogs were observed in early May 1779, in the village of Petropavlovsk.

‘They  [the sledges] are seldom used to carry more than one person at a time, who sits aside, resting his feet on the lower part of the sledge, and carrying his provisions and other necessaries, wrapped up in a bundle, behind him. The dogs are usually five in number, yoked, two and two with a leader. The reins not being fastened to the head of the dogs, but to the collar, have little power over them, and are generally hung upon the sledge, whilst the driver depends entirely on their obedience to his voice for the direction of them… The driver is also provided with a crooked stick, which answers the purpose both of whip and reins; as by striking it into the snow, he is enabled to moderate the speed of the dogs, or even to stop them entirely.’ Cook/King III, 263

Beddie 1743-70, p.342, Joppien 3.336A, ill.p.563

From Cook & King, A Voyage to the Pacific Ocean Undertaken by the Command of His Majesty, for Making Discoveries in the Northern Hemisphere….


John Webber (1752 – 1793)

Official artist on Cook’s third and last voyage. The reasons for the voyage were to return Omai and explore the possibility of a north-west passage along the North American continent. Webber was required to “give a more perfect idea thereof than can be formed by written description.” Webber’s oeuvre from the voyage was the most comprehensive record of sights in the Pacific region ever produced.

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