A Man of Prince William's Sound.


John Webber (1752 - 1793)

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A Man of Prince William’s Sound.




John Webber (1752 - 1793)


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Copper engraving.

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Rare engraving from the official British Admiralty sanctioned edition of the accounts of Cook’s third and final voyage. All other later copies made of this image by other publishers were unauthorised, usually smaller and inferior in quality.

Having found Controller Bay, Alaska which he had given the name Comptrollers Bay, Prince William Sound, Cook proceeded north and anchored at Snug Corner Cove repairing a leak 16-17 May 1778.

‘a fine bay or rather harbour…a very snug place. The land near the shoar is low, part clear and part wooded; the clear ground was covered two or three feet thich with Snow, but very little lay in the woods. ….The Men had Mittins made of the skins of bear paws, and high crowned conical straw caps… But I saw not a woman with a head dress of any kind, they had all long black hair a part of which was tied up in a bunch over the forehead. The men had beards though not large… and the women in some measure endeavoured to imitate them by tattowing or staining the chin.’ Cook Journals III, 1, 346

References: Beddie 1743-46, p.341, Joppien 3.237A, ill.p.474

From Cook & King, A Voyage to the Pacific Ocean Undertaken by the Command of His Majesty, for Making Discoveries in the Northern Hemisphere….


John Webber (1752 – 1793)

Official artist on Cook’s third and last voyage. The reasons for the voyage were to return Omai and explore the possibility of a north-west passage along the North American continent. Webber was required to ‘give a more perfect idea thereof than can be formed by written description.’ Webber’s oeuvre from the voyage was the most comprehensive record of sights in the Pacific region ever produced.

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