A Native Dog.


Vincent Woodthorpe (1764? - 1822)


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A Native Dog.




Vincent Woodthorpe (1764? - 1822)


Minor spotting to right hand sheet edge, otherwise in good condition.


Copper engraving with original hand colouring

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x 95mm


The first report of a “wild dog” in Australia was by the Dutchman, Jan Cartenzoon near Cape Keer, Queensland 8 May 1623. “went ashore myself with 10 musketeers we saw numerous footprints of men and dogs (running from south to north) we accordingly spent some time there, following the footprints to a river…we also saw great numbers of dogs, herons and curlews..”.

The first printed illustration of the Dingo appeared in Phillip’s, A Voyage to Botany Bay.

Common names Dingo, Wild Dog or Warrigal.

Modern binomial name Canis lupus dingo Recent synonyms Canis dingo

First described Meyer 1793

Distribution Australia wide (mainland)

Reference The Mammals of Australia, Strahan, 2nd edition. Page: 696-698, ill. 696 Ref Heere The Part Borne by the Dutch in the Discovery of Australia 1606-1765 pp.124-125 From Barrington’s, The History of New South Wales


Vincent Woodthorpe (1764?-1822)        

Print and map engraver and copperplate printer, born in Stepney in about 1764, the son of Vincent Woodthorpe, a victualler, and his wife Elizabeth Waterhouse, who had married in 1763. Apprenticed (Tinplate Workers)to Garnet Terry 8 Jan 1778. He had premises at 27 Fetter Lane, London 1796-1809 and 29 Fetter Lane, London 1800-1822. Woodthorpe engraved a number of the illustrations for Barringtons account of the colony of New South Wales, the subjects were based on earlier issued engravings in first fleet journals.

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