[ASIA-MALAYSIA] Malacca Strait with Part of the East Coast of the Malay Peninsula


Edward Weller (1819 - 1884)

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[ASIA-MALAYSIA] Malacca Strait with Part of the East Coast of the Malay Peninsula




Edward Weller (1819 - 1884)


Small repaired tear at bottom and one at left hand side sheet edge, otherwise in good condition, with folds as issued.


Hand coloured copper engraving.

Image Size: 

x 645mm

Paper Size: 

x 686mm


Rare and important, detailed large scale detail hydrographic chart of the Malacca and Singapore Straits . The chart extends north to Penang, Malaysia, the northern tip of Sumatra and south to Singapore. Numerous soundings are noted as well positions of wrecks, lights and other navigational hazards.

The regular updating of Hydrographic charts by the Hydrographic Office was to ensure that commanders of ships, pilots and other mariners were able to have the most to up to date information available to safely navigate foreign waters and ports as new information of changes to sea depths, sand bars, wrecks or other any other pertinent nautical information that could hinder passage became available. As updated charts were offered for sale, the earlier outdated charts in the hands of mariners, pilots, ships owners and sailors were invariably discarded, subsequently making all British Admiralty issued hydrographic charts of the period rare.


Edward Weller (1819-1884)

Very active English cartographer of which little is known of his personal  life although he produced a number of important maps and was elected a member of the Royal Geographical Society.

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