Beauty at Enoshima of Sagami Province


Utagawa Hisakuni

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Beauty at Enoshima of Sagami Province




Utagawa Hisakuni


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x 367mm


Rare oban size woodblock of the left sheet only, of a triptych depicting three women on the beach at Enoshima, Sagami Province by Utagawa Hisakuni.

In the triptych the three women visit the sea side at Enoshima Island. The woman on the left removes her sleeve from the outer robe of her shoulder and points to the left as if she wishes to move on to that direction. The woman illustrated in the middle is a married woman since she is illustrated with the married woman’s customs of shaved-off eyebrow and sober hairstyle. The distinctive expression of the rolling waves corresponds to the patterns of the rock surface. Enoshima Island is behind the women, where Benzaiten, the goddess of music and entertainment, is enshrined. The island is dedicated to the goddess, who is said to have caused it to rise from the bottom of the sea in the sixth century.

Utagawa Hisakuni who produced this work was a mysterious ukiyo-e artist and very few works appear for sale.

Production date showing double nanushi censor seals; 1849 Kaei 2 / Hama & Magome, ( reference; Marks, p.478;6).

Fujisawa Ukiyo-e Museum, Japan:


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