Carte Reduite de la Mer des Indes, et d'une parte de Celle de Sud, ....


Jean-Guillaume Barbie du Bocage (1795 - 1848)

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Carte Reduite de la Mer des Indes, et d’une parte de Celle de Sud, ….




Jean-Guillaume Barbie du Bocage (1795 - 1848)


In good condition, folds as issued.


Copper engraving hand coloured

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Large scale chart of the south seas, showing Australia with the discoveries of Cook on the east coast but not including current knowledge of Bass Strait (Bass & Flinders 1798) and just prior to the charting of the southern coast by Baudin and Flinders (1802) The tracks of the ships l’Esperance and la Republic under the command of Bruni d’Entrecasteux are shown. D’Entrecasteaux was given the command of the expedition in search of Jean-Francois de La Perouse, who had last been seen by the First Fleet leaving Botany Bay in March 1788. The mystery of La Perouse’s disappearance was solved by Dumont D’Urville in 1826 when he found relics of La Perouse’s shipwreck in Vanikoro (Santa Cruz Islands- Solomon Islands).

From  Atlas Pour la relation du voyage a la recherche de la Perouse… Labillardiere.

Jean-Guillaume Barbie du Bocage (1795 - 1848)

Well known French map maker and publisher. Jean Denis Barbie du Bocage (1760 - 1825) and his son Jean-Guillaume Barbie du Bocage (1795 - 1848) were French cartographers and cosmographers. Jean was a student of d'Anville and friend of Bartholomew and was first attached to the cabinet of medals from the Library of King (1785). He was appointed Geographer of the Department of External Relations (1803), member of the Institute (1806), and finally professor of geography at the Faculty of Arts of Paris (1809). He influenced many Parisian cartographers and publishers of the time.

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