Carte Reduite de L'Ocean Oriental Depuis le Cap de Bonne Esperance, Jusqu'au Japon.

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Carte Reduite de L’Ocean Oriental Depuis le Cap de Bonne Esperance, Jusqu’au Japon.




Paper aged toned and with some faint spotting, a number of repaired tears to upper margin not affecting engraved area, otherwise in good condition. With centre fold as issued.


Hand coloured copper engraving.

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x 570mm


Rare sea chart by de Apres Mannevillette

Mannevillette produced two similar large scale sea charts of the Indian Ocean, this one published in 1775 with the much larger depiction of Australia. The chart extends as far as Japan and to South Australia, while the other chart published in the first issue of the Le Neptune Oriental  in 1745, only extends to ‘l’Isle Formose’ (Taiwan) and includes just a small portion of the western Australian coast. Although this map is dated 1753 below the title it was not issued until 1775 in Mannevillette’s Le Neptune Oriental. 

The chart records a number of the early Dutch discoveries on the Australian coast, including; Hartog 1616, Houtman 1619, van Leeuwin 1622, Tortelduff 1624, Nuyts 1627, de Wit 1628, and the northwest discoveries of Tasman’s second voyage 1644. With the support of the prestigious Academie des Sciences, D’Apres Mannevillette published twenty-five charts in 1745 under the title Le Neptune Oriental. 

Mannevillette was one of the most eminent and influential cartographers who was instrumental in raising the standards of available printed sea charts for the eastern trade, in both France and England in the C18th. From about 1735 Mannevillette had set about collecting detailed charts of the known coasts from Africa to Australia and which, with the financial support of the Comapne des Indes and the Academie des Sciences, published his ground breaking sea atlas, Le Neptune Oriental in 1745. With its twenty two charts, superior to any available, it quickly became the indispensable atlas for ship owners, captains and pilots engaged in the Southeast Asian sea routes.

After its publication he continued collecting more charts and data, and in 1775 he published a second enlarged edition of the Le Neptune Oriental containing fifty six charts.

From Le Neptune Oriental. 

References: Moreland p.134, Suarez p.238

National Library of Australia: 
Bib ID3507865


Jean-Batiste de Mannevillette (1707 - 1780)

Jean-Batiste de Mannevillette (1707 - 1780) Mannevillette had studied under the royal cartographer Guillaume de L’Isle and was one of the first to use the method of measuring distances from the sun and moon to determine latitude. He took part in numerous voyages to the East and was made director of the Depot des Cartes et Plans de la Navigation des Indes. All French ships navigating the Indian Ocean used these charts and as a consequence of this on board use, many are found in poor and damaged condition. References: Moreland p.134

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