Cacomantis Pyrrophanus. (Square-tailed Cuckoo) [Fan-tailed Cuckoo]


Henrik Gronvold (1858 - 1940)

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Cacomantis Pyrrophanus. (Square-tailed Cuckoo) [Fan-tailed Cuckoo]




Henrik Gronvold (1858 - 1940)


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In good condition.


Lithograph with original hand colouring.

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x 335mm


Distribution: QLD, NSW, VIC, NT & WA. 

First described by Vieillot Nouv. Dict. d’Hist Nat 1817. 

This image is from the last great bird series, The Birds of Australia by G. Matthew’s and is rarer than John Gould’s work on Australian birds, with only 225 sets done. It was the last series produced to use hand colouring rather than colour printed lithography for the illustrations. Rare.


Henrik Grönvold (1858-1940)

Danish naturalist and artist, known for his illustrations of birds. Gronvold had an early interest in natural history, and an aptitude for natural history art. He studied drawing in Copenhagen, and worked first as a draughtsman of the Royal Danish Army’s artillery and later an illustrator at the Biological Research Station of Copenhagen.

In 1892, Gronvold left Denmark intending to emigrate to the United States but while in London en route, he was employed at the Natural History Museum preparing anatomical specimens. Gronvold became a skilled taxidermist, and established a reputation as an artist. He was employed at the Museum until 1895, when he accompanied William Ogilvie-Grant on an expedition to the Salvage Islands. After this expedition, Gronvold worked at the Museum in an unofficial capacity as an artist for decades, and only left London to attend an ornithological congress in Berlin. 

Gronvold died at Bedford in 1940 and was survived by his wife Josefine, and daughter Elsa, who had become a skilled portrait painter.

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