India Orientalis Nova.


Philipp Cluver (1580 - 1622)

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India Orientalis Nova.




Philipp Cluver (1580 - 1622)


In good condition, with centre fold as issued.


Hand coloured copper engraving.

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x 118mm

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x 130mm


Early miniature map of southeast Asia extending from India to Australia, showing the Dutch discoveries made on the western side of Cape York Peninsula. Decorative title panel at lower right. 

The Dutch discoveries in Australia, include: Carstensz in the Pera on Cape York 1623, Tasman’s second voyage on the northern Australian coast 1644 and those of van Colster in the Arnhem 1623. After the subsequent reports made by Tasman to the authorities in Batavia, the VOC concluded that Australia lacked any worthwhile trading opportunities and from that time on, any further charting of the Australian coast by the VOC was made purely for navigational purposes and upgrading existing charts. They no longer attempted to engage in trade with the indigenous population, as Tasman had been instructed to do, nor did they make further attempts to explore the Australian coast. 

New Guinea is shown with an uncharted west coast.

From Philipp Cluver’s, Introductionis in universam geographiam, tam veterem, quam novam.


Philip Cluver (1580-1622)

Cluver was born in Danzig, studied law at the University of Leiden, but soon he turned his attention to history and geography.

Clüver was an antiquary, who was given a special appointment at Leiden as geographer and in charge of the university’s library. His Introductio in universam geographiam, was the first comprehensive modern geography and became a standard geographical textbook. He was also a prolific writer on mathematical and theological subjects. He is remembered by collectors and historians of cartography for his edition of Ptolemy’s Geographia and for his miniature atlases.

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