[PACIFIC-NORFOLK ISLAND] Norfolk and Phillip Islands


Henry Mangles Denham (1800 - 1887)

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[PACIFIC-NORFOLK ISLAND] Norfolk and Phillip Islands




Henry Mangles Denham (1800 - 1887)


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Hand coloured engraving.

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Very rare Hydrographic chart of Norfolk Island and Phillip Island with an impressive inset of Kingston at lower right.

The chart is based on the original surveys of Denham carried out in 1856 and here updated from a new survey made in 1911 and then with minor corrections to 1936.

Along with work around Canada and West Africa, the need was recognised for an accurate survey of the waters around Australia and the trade routes which led to and from Australia’s coasts and ports. In 1851 the Hydrographer, Francis Beaufort, persuaded the Lords of the Admiralty to commission a project to undertake this survey work in southern waters. Captain Henry Mangles Denham RN was placed in charge of the project on HMS Herald in 1852. Denham proceeded to carry extensive surveys of Australia, New Caledonia, Norfolk Island and other parts of the southwest Pacific up to 1861. Denham carried his first survey of Norfolk Island on January to June 1855.

First issued in 1856 this chart like most Admiralty hydrographic charts, has been updated as follows: 1911 large corrections, 1936 small corrections. The regular updating of charts by the Hydrographic Office was to enable Commanders of ships, pilots and other mariners to safely navigate foreign waters and ports as new information of changes to sea depths, sand bars, wrecks or other any other information that could hinder passage became available. As updated charts were offered for sale, the older outdated charts in the hands of mariners were invariably discarded, subsequently making all British Admiralty issued hydrographic charts of the period very rare. 


Henry Mangles Denham (1800-1887)
Denham carried out major survey work around Australia and in the SW Pacific in the period 1852 to 1861 and reached rank of Admiral in the Royal Navy; Entered the navy at the age of 12; became dedicated to hydrographic work. Opened the port of Liverpool. Knighted and became F.R.S. in 1839. In 1854 (July 2): Capt Denham in HMS Herald came to complete a (chart) survey of the island of Raoul Sunday in NZ. The town of Denham in Australia is named after him.

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