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Sketches at the Melbourne International Exhibition.


Unknown (1828 - 1913)

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Sketches at the Melbourne International Exhibition.




(1828 – 


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Scarce engraving of the concert at the 1888 International Exhibition held at the Exhibition Building, Melbourne.

Inset titles from top left clockwise:

1. Fred K.H. Cowen esq
2.The Concert
3. After the Concert

The orchestra consisted of 66 members; “all of whom are engaged to give their entire services to the commissioners during the period of the Exhibition. Sixteen of the players were engaged in London by Mr. Frederic H. Cowen, and the remainder were obtained from the colonies. The following is a complete list of their names, viz.-  Violins – G. Weston, G. A. Sutch, H, C. Quin (Adelaide), E. Sylvester (Sydney), C. J. Alger (Sydney), F. Schmellitscheck (Sydney), L. Iverson (Albury), A. Wenzel (Sydney), W. H. Thompson, W. J. Law, L. Quin, T. W. Busch, M. A. Phillips, R. F. Hess, A. Casiraghi, R. H. Hunter, A. V. Wallenstein, F. Kruse, F. E. Hornidge, H. T. Schrader (Adelaide), T. Dierich, R. Buttery (London), W. S. Wilson (London), W. A. Robins (London), Max Klein (London), J. P. Connolly (New Zealand).  Violas – Jan Meyroos (London), R. Bima, H. Dettmer, H. Edwards, B. Draeger (Sydney), – Mortimer (London)  Cellos. – J. [recte T.] Liebe (London), C. Reimers, R. Patek, H. E. S. Jeboult (Sydney), F. Finn (Brisbane), G. P. Frayling.  Basses. – A. Ceschina, G. Briese, S. Hore, H. Pikrot [sic ?], W. A. Brown, jun., A. R. Peters.  Bassoons. – P. Langdale (London), H. Wakefield.  Flutes – H. L. Stoneham, F. Burrough (Brisbane).  Oboes – W. H. Morton (London), W. C. Thomson.  Clarionets – J. W. Lundberg, W. Grainger.  Trumpet – H. Warnecke.  Cornets – E. Rawlins (London), J. W. Richardson, sen.  Trombones – R. A. Meek, W. Stoneham, W. Worsley.  Horns – A. Lawson (London), T. Seymour (London), A. Flewin (London), W. Maby (London).  Tuba – C. W. Berg [sic, recte C. R. Berg].  Harp – Fred Barker (London).  Drums – J. Munyard, jun., J. Twentyman.”

From the original edition of The Illustrated Sydney Mail.


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