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John Bevis (1695 - 1771)

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Tab. XIX




John Bevis (1695 - 1771)


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From John Bevis’s rare unpublished star atlas Uranographia, or the Celestial Atlas. Dedication: “To the Right Honourable Stuart Mackenzie Esquire. This table is most humbly inscrib’d.”


John Bevis (1695 -1771)

Bevis was a physician and amateur astronomer. He was the original discoverer of the Crab Nebula M1 which he had observed in 1731. Bevis is reported to have observed an occultation by Venus of Mercury on May 28, 1737, and observed and found a prediction rule for eclipses of Jupiter’s moons.

In 1738 he set up a private observatory at Stock Newington, North London, from where he made observations for his own star atlas, Uranographia Britannica, which he completed in 1750. Unfortunately, the publisher went bankrupt after engraving the 52 plates, and only very few printings had been made. It was eventually published posthumously, in 1786, from the plates engraved in 1748-50.

Bevis is one of only two persons in Britain who are known to have observed comet Halley on its first predicted return in 1759: He observed it on May 1 and 2, 1759 after its perihelion; the other British observer, also physician, was Nicholas Munckley who saw it on the same dates.

John Bevis died on November 6, 1771 at age 76, from injuries received in a tragic accident when falling from his telescope.

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