Tooth-Billed Bower-Bird

Distribution: QLD. First described by Ramsay PZS 1875.

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Tooth-Billed Bower-Bird Australian - Mathews

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Tooth-Billed Bower-Bird Australian - Mathews

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Full Title:

Tooth-Billed Bower-Bird




Witherby & Co 


In good condition.


Lithograph with original hand colouring.
Tooth-Billed Bower-Bird - Vintage Print from 1925

Guaranteed Vintage Item



Distribution: QLD.
First described by Ramsay PZS 1875.

Henrik Gronvold (1858 - 1940)

Gronvold was a Danish born artist who, after studying, entered the military as a draughtsman. On leaving Denmark he obtained work at the British History Museum in London. This image is from the last great bird series, The Birds of Australia by G. Matthews and is rarer than John Gould’s work on Australian birds, with only 225 sets done. It was the last series produced to use hand colouring rather than colour printed lithography for the illustrations.

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