1.1 The following terms (1.2-1.5) apply to the Free Shipping offer.

1.2A In order to be eligible for the Free Shipping offer within Australia, customers:

– must make an online order at
– enter an Australian shipping address at Checkout
* free shipping is not available for framed items, books or globes.

1.2B In order to be eligible for the Free Shipping offer outside Australia, customers:

– must make an online order at
– spend more than $A 300 (AUD) excluding Shipping costs at Checkout
* free shipping is not available for framed items, books or globes.

1.3 Antique Print & Map Room reserves the right to deny the Free Shipping offer if they feel that fulfilment of the order at the free shipping cost would cause an unreasonable cost to Antique Print & Map Room. This cost should take into account all costs associated with shipping an item including but not limited to material and labor costs of securely packing the order items, insurance and postage fees. For example, where the shipping of a large framed item would make the final price paid by the customer unreasonable for the purchased items and labour involved, the business would rescind the offer of Free Shipping and offer the buyer an alternative instead. It would then be up to the customer whether to continue with the purchase under the new terms, or cancel the order.

1.4 “Free shipping” refers to the shipping cost of your item/s from Australia to the point of entry in your country of destination and does not cover any additional charges/costs added as part of the importation process within that country which may be applied by the relevant government bodies (usually Tax or Customs) or the shipping company (their brokerage charges). Any of these charges which are a part of the clearance/entry process of goods into the country are not covered by our Free Shipping offer. The customer is responsible for any applicable Customs duties, brokerage fees or local taxes that apply in the destination country. Not knowing about these fees, duties or charges and/or failure to pay these charges does not entitle the customer to a refund or exchange.

1.5 Antique Print & Map Room reserves the right to rescind this offer at any time and for any reason without notification.

Shipping Information
We have successfully shipped thousands of items and we pride ourselves on the quality of our packing. With over 40 years experience, we have developed a packing system which is specially designed to ensure the safe delivery of you items.

All items are sent insured through Australia Post and include signature on delivery. Depending on the particular item you purchase, we either carefully flat pack with thick cardboard, or use a thick packing tube.

Shipping Costs
Shipping will automatically be added during checkout and you will be able to confirm the price before payment. You can also get a quote on the Shopping Cart page by entering your destination country and postcode.

While the shipping quote you see at Checkout is generally accurate for the vast majority of our stock, there are a number of items which require a custom quote. This includes Framed Items, Books & Globes. Due to the different packing requirements for these items, we need to provide custom quotes for shipping these items. If one of these items appears in your cart, we recommend you complete the order. We will then contact you with further options – depending on the particular item, we will either send you a quote or provide another option (for example – we may be able to ship the item unframed). In all cases, our priority is ensuring you receive your items in the condition that we send them and that you expect. In the event you are not happy with the solutions we provide, you can choose not to proceed with the order and we will refund you and amount you have paid. This is subject to our normal terms and conditions (most importantly – that we haven’t already shipped your item).

While we endeavour to make sure the shipping quotes on our website are accurate and correct, every now and again, the shipping quote isn’t what it should be. For this reason, we reserve the right to cancel an order if our website has given a shipping cost which we believe is too low or has not been charged. If this happens, we will contact you to explain the situation and if you aren’t happy, we’ll refund you and cancel the order. We also do the same for you – if our website quotes a shipping cost that is higher than we believe it should be and you proceed with the order anyway, we will endeavour to refund you any inaccurate shipping. In all cases, we will contact you first to confirm your options.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or on our Contact Us page.

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Exchange rates are only indicative. All orders will be processed in Australian dollars. The actual amount charged may vary depending on the exchange rate and conversion fees applied by your credit card issuer.

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