Sketch map of the Federal Territory Commonwealth of Australia.

Sketch map of the Federal Territory Commonwealth of Australia.
John Thomas Hill Goodwin (1865-1950)
Image Size:
485mm x 320mm (19.09" x 12.6")
Sheet Size:
507mm x 355mm (19.96" x 13.98")
In good condition, with folds as issued.
Hand coloured lithograph.
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LASB ACT 005 WS (JIPGY) (C026)

Detailed map of Canberra and its environs dated April 1920 with numerous panel of notes at lower right.

The federal legislature moved to Canberra on 9 May 1927, with the opening of the Provisional Parliament House. Planned development of the city slowed significantly during the depression of the 1930's and during World War II. From 1920 to 1957, three bodies, successively the Federal Capital Advisory Committee, the Federal Capital Commission, and the National Capital Planning and Development Committee continued to plan the further expansion of Canberra in the absence of Griffin however, they were only advisory, and development decisions were made without consulting them, increasing inefficiency.

National Library of Australia: Bib ID1308805


John Thomas Hill Goodwin (1865-1950)

Having entered the Federal Department of Home Affairs in 1910, Goodwin handled property transactions on behalf of the Commonwealth in regard to defence, quarantine, and posts and telegraphs. Five years later he was promoted chief surveyor and estates officer (subsequently surveyor-general and director of lands). In addition, he was officer-in-charge of the administration of the Federal Capital Territory (1916-24 and a member (1921-25) of the Federal Capital Advisory Committee which made recommendations for the building of Canberra. After the Federal Capital Commission was formed to control the city's development, in January 1925 he was seconded to it as lands officer, but returned to the public service that year.