Veue du Chasteau de Vincennes du coste du Parc

Veue du Chasteau de Vincennes du coste du Parc
Perelles family
Image Size:
135mm x 240mm (5.31" x 9.45")
In good condition.
Copper engraving.
Stock Number:
VDBM 035 ARCH (NTG) (C114)

View of the Château de Vincennes, from Veues des belles maisons de France.

This beautiful architectural engraving is from an extensive and fine series of engravings depicting the major French chateaux and gardens, including Versailles and Fountaine bleau, and Parisian views and architectural landmarks. Although no two albums of topographical views of France with engravings by the Perelle family are identical, they can be dated variously from about 1750 to 1800, and were issued by any one of four generations of the Langlois and Mariette family of publishers.

The Perelles were an influential family of French artists whose engravings of French 17th-century gardens are a valuable record of their appearance. Gabriel Perelle (1595 - 1677) who studied drawing with Daniel Rabel, had two sons, Nicolas Perelle (born 1631) and Adam Perelle (1640 - 1695). Their work is so similar in style and was often signed simply 'Fait par Perelle', and so difficult to attribute individually. Their work is often characterized by its incredible intricate depictions of architectural landmarks sitting within vast spaces.