Toyohara (Yoshu) Chikanobu ( 1838 - 1911)

Toyohara (Yoshu) Chikanobu (1838-1912)
Chikanobu was an important Meiji period woodblock artist who documented Japan’s transition into the modern era while promoting traditional Japanese values through his prints. Little is known of Chikanbou’s life as his personal effects were destroyed in the 1923 earthquake and bombings of Tokyo in the 1940’s. His personal name was Hasimoto Naoyoshi and as the son of a samurai he fought in a number of battles. He became a pupil of Kuniyoshi; at the age of about 15, taking the name Yoshitsuru and after the death of Kuniyoshi, he studied under Kunisada in 1852 and later in 1862 under Kunichika. In 1875 he moved to Edo, as an illustrator for a newspaper and became one of the most active and famous nishiki-e artists in Japan.

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