Louis Auguste de Sainson (1800 - 1887)

French artist on the voyage of exploration on board the Astrolabe under the command of Dumont D’Urville which explored and visited the Pacific, Asia, New Zealand and Australia. He began his naval career at the port of Rochefort, working there from 21 August 1825 until 6 January 1826, where he joined the Astrolabe as a draughtsman.

The Astrolabe visited Australia from October to December 1826 and De Sainson made a number of drawings of King George Sound (WA), Westernport VIC), and Jervis Bay NSW and Sydney). On the Astrolable’s return to Australian waters during December 1827 to early January 1828 the Astrolabe anchored at Hobart Town where de Sainson made a number of important drawings of Hobart and its environs.

On his return to France de Sainson was part of the editorial group that made the official account Historical Atlas of the expedition ready or publication.

In November 1829, at Dumont d’Urville’s request, de Sainson was promoted commis de marine 3e classe. He became a Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneurin August 1831 and a commis de 2e classe in September 1833.

Further biographical information is not available after this time.

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