Frederick William Sidney (? - )

He entered the Navy 17 April, 1833, passed his examination 17 April, 1839 and from 1840 until the summer of 1842 was employed on the Niger expedition in the Soudan and Wilberforce steamers. He was made Lieutenant in 1842. His next appointments were – 20 Dec. 1842, to the Styx steam surveying-sloop, Capt. Alex. Thos. Emeric Vidal, stationed among the Azores – 14 April, 1845, as Additional, after a few months of half-pay, to the Cyclops steam-frigate, Capt. Wm. Fred. Lapidge, on the south-east coast of America – and, 1 Dec. following, in a similar capacity, to the Crocodile 8, Capt. Geo. Lowe, engaged on particular service.
He married, in 1842, Miss Sydney, of Newport.

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