John Allan (fl.1845 - 1883)

Allan was a Sydney engraver, lithographer and printer. Also produced music, seals, views by Samuel Thomas Gill.

Allan was the son of Alexander Allan of Bonnygate, Cupar, Fifeshire, Scotland, whose death in June 1863 was announced in the Sydney Morning Herald 21 Aug 1863 and may probably be identified with the John Allan born 9 Apr 1822 and baptised at Dysart, Fife, 5 May 1822 the son of Alexander Allan and his wife Mary Skinner. He commenced in business with an announcement in the same newspaper on 1 Jul 1845, advertising seal and copperplate engraving, as well as lithographic printing. He advertised his engraving business in “Low’s directory of the city and district of Sydney” for 1846 in the following terms: “Engraving. John Allan, in returning his sincere thanks to his friends and the public generally, for past favors, respectfully solicits a continuance of the same.

His move to “more eligible premises” in Hunter Street was announced in the Sydney Morning Herald 8 Apr 1847. He traded with William Hankinson Wigley as “Allan & Wigley” from 1 Jan 1855 to the end of 1867. The firm’s move from Bridge Street to George Street was announced inThe Empireand other newspapers in July 1858. The partnership was dissolved 1 Jan 1868, Wigley taking over and changing the name to “W. H. Wigley & Co”. In later life Allan concentrated on seal engraving and died at Sydney 22 Oct 1883, reportedly aged fifty-seven. He was buried at Rookwood.

Business addresses;

1845 – York Street, near the Barrack Gate, Sydney
1846 – Bridge Street, Sydney
1846-1847 81 King Street West, Sydney
1847 2 Hunter Street, Sydney
1850-1852 2 Bridge Street, Sydney
1855-1858 23 Bridge Street, Sydney
1858-1867 297 George Street, opposite the Empire Office, Sydney
1861 287 Macquarie Street, Sydney (home)

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