Sketches at Teetulpa.

1.  Brady’s Gully — 2.  The Bank3.  Bedford Halk, Esq. Warden4.  Smith, the discoverer of the field5.  Cut-throat Euchre in Camp6.  Waiting for the Mail.7.  A Rush for Miners The Warden issuing Licenses on the Field8.  The road from Mannahill to the … Read Full Description

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Full Title:

Sketches at Teetulpa.




Small repaired tear on left-side of image, otherwise in good condition.



Image Size: 

x 350mm
Sketches at Teetulpa. - Antique Print from 1887

Genuine antique



1.  Brady’s Gully — 
2.  The Bank
3.  Bedford Halk, Esq. Warden
Smith, the discoverer of the field
5.  Cut-throat Euchre in Camp
6.  Waiting for the Mail.
7.  A Rush for Miners The Warden issuing Licenses on the Field
8.  The road from Mannahill to the Field.
9.  Claim from which the “Joker” nugget was obtained.
10.Disappointed prospectors
he prospectors’ claim 
12. The First Post Office

Situated near Yunta in the Flinders Ranges region of South Australia, Teetulpa experienced a gold rush in October 1868, following the discovery of gold by Thomas Brady and Thomas Smith. By 1868, there were reportedly 5,000 miners on the goldfield. 

From the original edition of The Illustrated Sydney News.

Arthur Collingridge de Tourcey (1853 - 1907)

Collingridge was a painter, illustrator and teacher who became staff artist for the Illustrated London News and The Graphic both very successful London newspapers, before emigrating to Australia. He was one of several sons in an old Catholic family from Godington Manor, Oxfordshire. Like his brother George , he mostly dropped the 'de Tourcey’ in Australia. came to Sydney in 1879 where he worked as an illustrator for the Sydney Mail , the Town and Country Journal. He founded the New South Wales Art Society and was staff artist of the Illustrated Sydney News. Collingridge exhibited widely, mainly in New South Wales and was a founding member of the Royal Art Society of NSW 1880.

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