Charles Williams (fl. 1790 - 1830)

Williams was a British caricaturist, etcher and illustrator. He was the main caricaturist between 1799 and 1815 for the London publisher S. W. Fores. In his earlier works, Williams used the pseudonyms Ansell or Argus; with George Cruikshank and others he illustrated, The Every-Day Book by William Hone. Williams was the first of many who caricatured the 1st Duke of Wellington, publishing a print of him in September 1808, during the Peninsular War, in which the Duke cuts off the pigtail of French general Jean-Andoche Junot, defeated at the Battle of Vimeiro. Almost all of his prints are anonymous.

He worked for a number of publishers simultaneously, including; Fores, W. Holland, E. Walker, ,the Knight family and Tegg.

Pseudonyms: Ansell, Argus, C. Lamb, Timothy Squib, Tom Truelove,

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