Together Let us Range the Fields.

Rare satirical print by Charles Williams of two dogs singing a duet with one singing: “Together let us range the Fields  ,” the other: “Impearled with the morning dew”. In the Royal stage box on the left ) is the … Read Full Description

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Full Title:

Together Let us Range the Fields.




In good condition with unfaded original hand colouring.


Copper engraving with original hand colouring.

Image Size: 

x 225mm

Paper Size: 

x 298mm

Platemark Size: 

x 250mm
Together Let us Range the Fields. - Antique Print from 1814

Genuine antique



Rare satirical print by Charles Williams of two dogs singing a duet with one singing: “Together let us range the Fields  ,” the other: “Impearled with the morning dew”. In the Royal stage box on the left ) is the Regent and Lady Hertford sitting together. Behind them on the left is  Lord Yarmouth and the Prince’s private secretary John McMahon. Above the box are the Royal Arms and below the emblems: Cupid’s bow and quiver, and Hymen’s torch. In the opposite box sits the opera singer Elizabeth Billington (1765-1818)  with the  Duke of Sussex. the son of King George III and Queen Charlotte. Above the box is a lyre within a laurel-wreath, below are musical emblems: lyre, trumpet, &c. A part of each upper box is visible; on the left two men peer down through opera-glasses at the Regent and Lady Hertford; the occupants of the other gaze admiringly at the stage, and applaud. In the centre of the curtain, in place of ‘Veluti in Speculum’, (translated a Mirror) is ‘Spectemur Agendo’ (translated, Seen together in action)The heads and shoulders of the orchestra form the base of the design.

Published by William Holland 12th September, 1814.

Bills, M. The Art of Satire. London 2006:.
McPhee, C. Infinite Jest : Caricature and Satire from Leonardo to Levine. New York 2011:.
Robinson, R. Caricature and the Regency Crisis: An Irish Perspective.:.

British Museum London: 1868,0808.8172

Charles Williams (1790 - 1830)

Williams was a British caricaturist, etcher and illustrator. He was the main caricaturist between 1799 and 1815 for the London publisher S. W. Fores. In his earlier works, Williams used the pseudonyms Ansell or Argus; with George Cruikshank and others he illustrated, The Every-Day Book by William Hone. Williams was the first of many who caricatured the 1st Duke of Wellington, publishing a print of him in September 1808, during the Peninsular War, in which the Duke cuts off the pigtail of French general Jean-Andoche Junot, defeated at the Battle of Vimeiro. Almost all of his prints are anonymous. He worked for a number of publishers simultaneously, including; Fores, W. Holland, E. Walker, ,the Knight family and Tegg. Pseudonyms: Ansell, Argus, C. Lamb, Timothy Squib, Tom Truelove,

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William Holland (1757 - 1815)

William Holland (1757-1815) Was one of the leading London print sellers and publishers who bbegan selling prints in at 66 Drury Lane in 1782. He move to new premises at 50 Oxford Street in 1788 where he charged 1s for admittance to his 'Museum of Graphic Genius'. Holland's successful business grew and his print list included works by; Frederick George Byron, George Murgatroyd Woodward, John Nixon, James Gillray and Thomas Rowlandson. A radical, he was prosecuted in 1793 on charges of seditious libel for selling a copy of Thomas Paine's Letter Addressed to the Addressers[ and imprisoned in Newgate Prison. Pseudonyms: Jacob Douce, Paddy Whack (c.1787-91) Addresses: 66 Drury Lane (by July 1783 - end of 1786) 50 Oxford Street, London (end 1786- end 1802) 11 Cockspur Street, opposite Pall Mall, London (end 1802-15)

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