William Holland ( 1757 - 1815)

William Holland (1757-1815) Was one of the leading London print sellers and publishers who bbegan selling prints in at 66 Drury Lane in 1782. He move to new premises at 50 Oxford Street in 1788 where he charged 1s for admittance to his ‘Museum of Graphic Genius’. Holland’s successful business grew and his print list included works by; Frederick George Byron, George Murgatroyd Woodward, John Nixon, James Gillray and Thomas Rowlandson. A radical, he was prosecuted in 1793 on charges of seditious libel for selling a copy of Thomas Paine’s Letter Addressed to the Addressers[ and imprisoned in Newgate Prison.

Pseudonyms: Jacob Douce, Paddy Whack (c.1787-91)

66 Drury Lane (by July 1783 – end of 1786)
50 Oxford Street, London (end 1786- end 1802)
11 Cockspur Street, opposite Pall Mall, London (end 1802-15)

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