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Sir David Brewster. [Polymath]


Thomas Rodger (1832 - 1883)

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Sir David Brewster. [Polymath]




Thomas Rodger 
(1832 – 


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Original carte de visite



Carte de visite portrait of Sir David Brewster 1781-1868) the Scottish polymath in the fields of physics,mathematics, astronomy and inventor, writer and university principal.

At the age of 12 he was sent to the University of Edinburgh (graduating MA in 1800). He was the inventor of the Kaleidoscope and Stereoscope, as well as the discoverer of the law of polarization of biaxial crystals, of optical mineralogy, and of double refraction by compression.


Thomas Rodger (1832-1883) photographer, St Andrews, Scotland. Rodger was taught photography by John Adamson, and went on to become a Calotypist, opening the first photographic studio in St Andrews in 1849 aged about 17. The exact date that Thomas Rodger opened his studio is not known, but 1849 is the year given on the back of Rodger’s cartes de visite. The old studio building still exists, with a plaque to Thomas Rodger outside, but is now a Careers Advisory Service. Thomas Rodger taught photography to Ivan Szabo, a Hungarian who came to Scotland and Thomas Rodger was a member of the Photographic Society of Scotland, based in Edinburgh, and regularly submitted his photographs to the society’s exhibitions. Rodger’s subsequently opened a studio in Edinburgh under the name of T. Rodger & Sons (1879-81) then TR Rodger (1882).

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