Harbour glimspe



&ltP align=center&gt&ltSTRONG&gt&ltFONT size=5&gtARTNBOOKSETC:&lt/FONT&gt&lt/STRONG&gt&lt/P&gt &ltP align=center&gt WE OFFER INVESTMENT QUALITY FINE ART PIECES BY ESTABLISHED ARTISTS OR ONES THAT HAVE GREAT POTENTIAL TO INCREASE IN VALUE &ltP align=center&gt AND ALWAYS AT LOW STARTING PRICES AND NO RESERVES. &lt/P&gt &ltdiv align=&quotcenter&quot&gt&ltfont size3&gt … Read Full Description


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Full Title:

Harbour glimspe







Image Size: 

x 330mm

Frame Size: 

x 580mm
Harbour glimspe - Antique Print from 1

Genuine antique



&ltP align=center&gt&ltSTRONG&gt&ltFONT size=5&gtARTNBOOKSETC:&lt/FONT&gt&lt/STRONG&gt&lt/P&gt &ltP align=center&gt WE OFFER INVESTMENT QUALITY FINE ART PIECES BY ESTABLISHED ARTISTS OR ONES THAT HAVE GREAT POTENTIAL TO INCREASE IN VALUE &ltP align=center&gt AND ALWAYS AT LOW STARTING PRICES AND NO RESERVES. &lt/P&gt &ltdiv align=&quotcenter&quot&gt&ltfont size3&gt &ltP align=left&gt&ltSTRONG&gt&ltFONT size=4&gtDescription:&lt/FONT&gt&lt/STRONG&gt&lt/P&gt &ltP align=left&gtUp for auction A Beautiful and Stunning Original signed watercolour by Listed &amp famous Australian artist Matthew James MacNally 1874-1943 &ltP align=left&gt&ltSTRONG&gt&ltFONT size=4&gtTitle&lt/FONT&gt&lt/STRONG&gt&lt/P&gt&ltFONT size=3&gt &ltP align=left&gtHarbour Glimpse.&ltbr /&gt &ltbr /&gt&ltbr /&gt &lt/P&gt &ltP align=left&gtA classic watercolour by this artist typical of his romantic and idyllic style, will only increase in value over time.&lt/P&gt &ltP align=left&gtHis paintings are held in many private and public collections .&lt/P&gt &ltP align=left&gtHere is an example of the artist’s Art Work sold At &ltA onmouseover=&quotwindow.status=’Fine Art’ return true&quot onmouseout=&quotwindow.status=” return true&quot href=&quotfine%20art&quot&gtFine Art&lt/A&gt Auction&lt/P&gt &ltP align=left&gt &ltTABLE cellSpacing=2 cellPadding=4 width=600 align=center border=0&gt &ltTR&gt &ltTD vAlign=center colSpan=2 height=21&gt&ltFONT face=&quotArial, Helvetica, sans-serif&quot size=2&gt&ltB&gt&ltFONT size=3&gtMacNally, Matthew James 1874-1943&lt/B&gt&lt/FONT&gt&lt/FONT&gt&lt/TD&gt &ltTD vAlign=center align=right height=21&gt&lt/TD&gt &ltTR&gt &ltTD width=1 height=21&gt&ampnbsp&lt/TD&gt &ltTD vAlign=center colSpan=3 height=21&gt&ltFONT face=&quotArial, Helvetica, sans-serif&quot size=2&gt&lt/FONT&gt&lt/TD&gt&lt/TR&gt &ltTR&gt &ltTD width=1 height=21&gt&ampnbsp&lt/TD&gt &ltTD align=middle width=200 bgColor=#000000 height=21&gt&ltFONT face=&quotArial, Helvetica, sans-serif&quot color=#ffffff size=2&gt&ltB&gt&ampnbspTitle&lt/B&gt&lt/FONT&gt &lt/TD&gt &ltTD align=middle width=80 bgColor=#000000 height=21&gt&ltFONT face=&quotArial, Helvetica, sans-serif&quot color=#ffffff size=2&gt&ltB&gtPrice&lt/B&gt&lt/FONT&gt &lt/TD&gt &ltTD align=middle width=316 bgColor=#000000 height=21&gt&ltFONT face=&quotArial, Helvetica, sans-serif&quot color=#ffffff size=2&gt&ltB&gtDetails&lt/B&gt&lt/FONT&gt &lt/TD&gt&lt/TR&gt &ltTR height=40&gt &ltTD width=1&gt&lt/TD&gt &ltTD vAlign=top width=200 bgColor=#f0f0df&gt&ltFONT face=&quotArial, Helvetica, sans-serif&quot size=2&gt&ltI&gtView of the Coast, Near Lorne.&lt/I&gt&lt/FONT&gt &ltBR&gt&lt/TD&gt &ltTD vAlign=top align=middle width=80 bgColor=#ffffff&gt&ltFONT face=&quotArial, Helvetica, sans-serif&quot size=2&gt$5,900&ltBR&gt &ltP&gt&lt/P&gt&lt/FONT&gt&lt/TD&gt &ltTD vAlign=top width=316 bgColor=#f0f0df&gt&ltFONT face=&quotArial, Helvetica, sans-serif&quot size=2&gtWatercolour, signed ‘M.J.MacNally’ and dated 1923, lower right, 19.2 x 25 cm, Joel’s Melbourne 14 Aug. 06 &lt/FONT&gt&lt/TD&gt&lt/TR&gt&lt/TABLE&gt&lt/P&gt &ltP align=center&gt&ltSTRONG&gt&ltFONT size=4&gt&ltFONT size=3&gt&lt/FONT&gtCondition&lt/FONT&gt&lt/STRONG&gt&lt/P&gt &ltP align=center&gtArt Work: In very good original Condition&lt/P&gt &ltP align=center&gtFrame: Has age wear.&lt/P&gt &ltP align=center&gt&ltSTRONG&gt&ltFONT size=4&gtSize&lt/FONT&gt&lt/STRONG&gt&lt/P&gt&ltFONT size=3&gt &ltP align=center&gt&ltFONT size=3&gtImage Size 330mm x 470mm &lt/FONT&gt&lt/P&gt &ltP align=center&gtFrame Size: 580mm x 730mm&lt/P&gt &ltP align=center&gtReady to hang on your wall.&lt/P&gt&lt/FONT&gt &ltP align=center&gt&ltSTRONG&gt&lt?FONT size=4&gt&ltFONT size=4&gtProvenance and Authenticity&lt/FONT&gt&lt/FONT&gt&lt/STRONG&gt&lt/P&gt &ltP align=center&gt&ltFONT size=4&gt&ltFONT size=3&gtPersonally signed by the artist with his intials lower centre.&lt/FONT&gt&lt/FONT&gt&lt/P&gt &ltP align=center&gt&ltP? DES?IGNTIMESP=&quot8913&quot align=&quotcenter&quot&gt&ltFONT size=4&gt&ltFONT size=3&gtARTNBOOKSETC will issue a LIFE TIME UNCONDITIONAL WRITTEN certificate of authenticity &lt/FONT&gt &lt/P&gt &ltP&gt&lt/P&gt &ltP align=center&gt&ltSTRONG&gtBiography &lt/STRONG&gt&lt/P&gt &ltP align=center&gt&ltFONT size=3&gtMatthew James MacNally born 1874 combined a business career with study of painting under the great Australian painters such as, McCUBBIN and STREETON and also at the Bushey School in England under Hubert von Herkomer. By 1918 he had abondoned commerce for art and had established himself in a studio in Melbourne. &lt/FONT&gt&lt/P&gt &ltP align=center&gt&ltFONT size=3&gtJames MacNally is well known for his early watercolour scenes of Australia. &lt/FONT&gt&lt/P&gt &ltP align=center&gt&ltFONT size=3&gt&ltFONT size=3&gtIn numerous Private and Institutional Collections in Australia and Overseas, including the National Gallery Canberra, Mitchell Library, Sydney, Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney, State Library of Victoria, Melbourne etc&lt/FONT&gt&lt/FONT&gt&lt/P&gt &ltP align=center&gt&ltFONT size=3&gt&ltFONT size=4&gt&ltSTRONG&gtReferences and Publications&lt/STRONG&gt&lt/FONT&gt&lt/P&gt&lt/FONT&gt &ltP align=center align?=&quotcenter&quot&gt&ltFONT size=3&gt Encyclopedia of Australian Art pg 747&lt/FONT&gt&lt/P&gt &ltP align=center align?=&quotcenter&quot&gt&ltFONT size=3&gt Australian Watercolour Artist pg 128&lt/FONT&gt&lt/P&gt &ltP align=center align?=&quotcenter&quot&gt&ltFONT size=3&gt Dictionary of Australian Artists OL&lt/FONT&gt&lt/P&gt &ltP align=center&gt &ltFONT size=3&gt&ltFONT size=3&gt Many other Australian Art books. &lt/FONT&gt&lt/FONT&gt&lt/FONT&gt&ltSAMP&gt&ltFONT size=4&gt&ltSTRONG&gt&lt/P&gt &ltHR&gt &ltP DESIGNTIME?SP=&quot824&quot&gt&lt/P&gt &ltP&gt&lt/P&gt &ltP DES?IGNTIME?SP=&quot6942&quot&gt&lt/P&gt&lt/STRONG&gt &ltP align=center&gt&lt/FONT&gt&ltFONT face=&quotTimes New Roman&quot size=3&gt&lt/FONT&gt&lt/SAMP&gt&ltSAMP&gt&ltSTRONG DE?SIGNTIMESP=&quot2?5361&quot&gt&ltFONT size=4&gtGood luck.&lt/FONT&gt&lt/STRONG&gt&lt/SAMP&gt&lt/P&gt &lt/P&gt &ltbr /&gt&ltbr /&gt &ltP align=center&gt&ltFONT face=’?&quotTimes’ size=3 Roman? New&gt&lt/FONT&gt&ltSAMP&gt&ltSTRONG&gt&ltFONT size=4&gtSHIPPING &lt/P&gt &ltbr /&gt&ltbr /&gtAUST=$30 &ltbr /&gt&ltbr /&gt USA=$85 &ltbr /&gt&ltbr /&gtUK &amp EUROPE=$95&ltbr /&gt&ltbr /&gt NZ=$38&ltbr /&gt&ltbr /&gtASIA=$49 &ltP align=center&gt&ltFONT face=’?&quotTimes’ size=3 Roman? New&gt&lt/FONT&gt&ltSAMP&gt&ltSTRONG&gt&ltFONT size=4&gt Packing and Delivery&lt/FONT&gt&lt/STRONG&gt&lt/SAMP&gt&lt/P&gt &ltP align=center&gt&lt/STRONG&gt We use VERY STURDY &amp APPROPIATE packing materials to pack your purchases.&lt/P&gt &ltP align=center&gtALL ITEMS SENT by REGISTERED &amp TRACKABLE delivery. &lt/P&gt &ltP align=center&gtPlease any ask questions before bidding&lt/P&gt &ltP align=center alig?n=&quotcenter&quot&gt&ltSAMP&gt&ltSTRONG&gt&ltFONT size=5&gtUNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE&lt/FONT&gt&lt/STRONG&gt&lt/SAMP&gt&lt/?P&gt &ltP align=center DESIGN?TIMESP=&quot26709&quot&gtWe unconditionally guarantee that all our listings we sell are genuine and accurately described, We provide a full refund of Ebay final Listing price if Items are found to be not as stated. &ltbr /&gt&ltbr /&gt&lt/td&gt&lt/tr&gt&lttr&gt&lttd align=&quotcenter&quot&gt&ltfont face=&quottahoma&quot color=&quotdarkblue&quot&gt &lth3&gt&ltbr /&gt&ltbr /&gtAuctions must be paid for within 7 days.&ltbr /&gt&ltfont color=darkyellow&gt&lth3&gt PAYMENT OPTIONS &ltbr/&gt&ltbr /&gt&lth4&gtDIRECT CREDIT &ltbr /&gt&ltbr /&gtPAYPAL . &ltbr /&gt&ltbr /&gtMONEY ORDERS OR BANK issued cashiers checks. &ltbr /&gtThese must be in $AUS only. &ltbr /&gt&ltbr /&gt Do not send USPS Postal Money Orders as they are not&ltbr /&gtvalid outside the USA. &ltbr /&gt &ltbr /&gtBank transfer. &ltbr /&gt &ltbr /&gtSORRY – No personal or travellers checks.&ltbr /&gt &ltbr /&gt&ltbr /&gt &ltdiv align=&quotcenter&quot&gt&ltfont size3&gt&ltimg src= http://www.antiqueprintroom.com/image?02cb03bc3c5025a0dc9403a76117d0f0&gt

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