John Hutchinson ( - )

Hutchinson was a  surveyor who began surveying under Captain F. Bullock in 1842, examining the river Thames. From 1843-1844 he was engaged on surveying the west coast of Ireland with James Wolfe. He then was promoted to Assistant-Surveyor and joined the HMS Herald with Captain H. Kellett, employed in surveying the North-West coast of America and Behring strait until he was promoted to Lieutenant in 1850.

As Lieutenant and Assistant Surveyor, he was employed from 1852-1861 working with Capt. Denam in the South sea Islands, Shark Bay, West Australia, Fiji Islands, Coral Sea and the east coast of Australia. Hutchinson as made marine surveyor of the South Australian Survey Station between 1852 and 1865, and mapped much of the Northern Territory coastline. He gained the rank of commander in 1861.

In 1868, he was promoted to rank of Post-Captain, but died in July 1869 of inflammation of the lungs.

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