Pieter Goos ( 1615 - 1675)

Important Dutch cartographer, engraver, publisher, and bookseller. His father, Abraham Goos, was a renowned cartographer and map seller.

Goos collaborated with Jacob Lootsman and Hendrick Doncker to publish pilot books that included navigational charts. In 1659, Doncker initiated the publication of a sea atlase covering the entire world, a concept later adopted by Goos from 1666 onwards. His maps, along with those by Gerard van Keulen, were widely used by Dutch navigators from the eighteenth century until 1740. His most famous atlas was his, Atlas ofte Water-Weereld published in 1666. This sea atlas was one of the most important Dutch maritime atlases produced.

Goos’ maps were distinctive for their restrained and elegant decorative elements, which included, large descriptive cartouches adorned with ships, compass and wind roses.

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