Very fine and detailed map of Asia by “Easily the foremost cartographer of his time” (Tooley).


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In good condition.


Original copper engraving

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x 205mm
Asia. - Antique Map from 1834

Genuine antique



 Very fine and detailed map of Asia by “Easily the foremost cartographer of his time” (Tooley).

Aaron Arrowsmith (1750 - 1823)

"Easily the foremost cartographer of his time" (Tooley) The Arrowsmiths were the leading British map publishers in the early 19th century founded by Aaron Arrowsmith. Born in an impoverished family, at Winston, Durham, 14 July 1750. He came to London about 1770 and although self taught he established himself as a land surveyor and worked for other publishers such as Faden and Cary. In 1790 he set up in his own establishment in Castle Street, Long Acre as a publisher and engraver. His first production was A Chart of the World on Mercator's Projection, Showing all the New Discoveries. This was published on 1 April 1790, and fore-shadowed the direction of his contribution to geography. He was to concentrate his considerable energies on the production of large scale general charts, recording of the latest geographical discoveries. His maps were sold singularly in sheets or collections but not in published atlas format and were constantly revised. He was Hydrographer to the Prince of Wales from about 1810 and subsequently Hydrographer to George IV. He used the material of important contemporary explorers such as Bass, Flinders and Colnett and had the confidence of travellers who sent him their manuscripts or information for inclusion in his maps. He received assistance from Dalrymple, Rennell, the Hudson Bay Company, the Ordance Office and the East India Company.

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