Plan d'une Partie de L'Archipel Bonaparte.


Henri Louis Freycinet (1777 - 1840)

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Plan d’une Partie de L’Archipel Bonaparte.




Henri Louis Freycinet (1777 - 1840)


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Small map of the Bonaparte Archipelago. The group of islands are situated off the coast of Western Australia in the Kimberley region. The archipelago was named by the Baudin expedition on 16 August 1801 after Napoleon Bonaparte, First Consul of France.

From Peron, Voyage de Decouvertes Aux Terres Australes.

Reference: F449 Prescott p.139 1811.07


Henri Louis Freycinet (1777-1840)

Louis de Freycinet in command of the Uranie left Toulon on 17 September 1817. His wife Rose had been smuggled aboard, and her presence was acknowledged by the time they reached Gibraltar. They made the usual French passage via Tenerife, Rio, the Cape of Good Hope and Mauritius, where Louis was reunited briefly with his brother Henri, then serving as the Governor.

The Uranie reached Shark Bay on 12 September 1818 and spent some time there, setting up an observatory and making further thorough surveys of the inlets and coast; it was during this visit that Freycinet also finally removed the Vlamingh plate.

From western Australia they headed to Coupang in Timor, and crossed to Dili, where the expedition was received in great state by the Governor. The vessel then picked its way northeast via Amboina, Pisang, Rawak and the coast of New Guinea, reaching Guam in mid-March 1819.

The expedition stayed in Guam for eleven weeks before heading to Hawaii, which was first sighted on 5 August; they anchored in Kealakekua Bay three days later. They spent an important fortnight in the islands, making stays at Lahaina and Honolulu, and meeting any number of important figures there.

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