Sydney from Milsoms (sic) Point

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Sydney from Milsoms (sic) Point NSW - Sydney

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Sydney from Milsoms (sic) Point NSW - Sydney

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Full Title:

Sydney from Milsoms (sic) Point




In good condition.


Hand coloured engraving.

Image Size: 

x 120mm
Sydney from Milsoms (sic) Point - Antique Print from 1854

Genuine antique



Frederick Casemero Terry (1826 - 1869)

Terry was an artist and engraver born England and emigrated to Sydney and arriving in Sydney in the early 1850's. He was soon part of colonial society and became known for his paintings and engravings. This engraving is from his rare series Landscape Scenery Illustrating Sydney and Port Jackson, New South Wales printed by Sands and Kenny. Unusually set within an oval image they included views of Sydney town and the harbour, as well a number of country towns. Unfortunately the engraver had mispelt Terry's name and as a result it appears as Fleury. At the 1855 Paris Exhibition he was included with five other Australian artists in having his paintings displayed. He was then invited to exhibit in the Further Exhibition of the Society for the Promotion of the Fine Arts in Australia held in the Mechanic's School of Arts. By the 1860's he was established as one of best colonial artists and in 1861 he had been made examiner at the Mechanics School of Arts. Terry died at the early age of forty four and as many artists before him he had struggled financially in his last years.

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