A. Constance Roth ( 1859 - 1928)

Roth was an Australian botanical painter represented in the New South Wales Art Gallery. He was a British-born artist, teacher and designer who came to Sydney in 1885 after arriving in Melbourne in 1884. She was significant in promoting the ideals of the British Aesthetic Movement, which sought to elevate the idea of beauty and to create artistically enhanced domestic environments. She taught life drawing at Julian Ashton’s and departed Australia in 1892, travelling to England and South Africa. She founded ‘The Owl’ in 1895.

1895 – 1928 South Africa
1892 – c.1895 England, UK
1889 – 1892 Sydney, NSW
1888 – 1889 Tasmania
1888 – 1889 Melbourne, Vic.
1885 – c.1888 Orwell Street, Darlinghurst (Potts Point), Sydney, NSW
1884 – 1885 Melbourne, Vic.
1861 – 1884 England, UK

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