Douglas Smith Huyghue ( 1816 - 1891)

Was an Australian and Canadian poet, author and artist. Born April 23, 1816, in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, and was educated at the Saint John Grammar School. His first published poetry was in the Halifax Morning Post and Parliamentary Reporter, where his work appeared under the pseudonym ‘Eugene’. At that time Huyghue also assisted province’s commissioner of Indian affairs in arranging an exhibition of Indian artefacts. In the late 1840s he moved to England, and then immigrated to Australia on the Lady Peel in 1852. In 1853 he became a clerk in the Office of Mines in the Ballarat goldfields, where he witnessed the Eureka Stockade revolt of 1854. His watercolor, “The Eureka Stockade,” is exhibited at the Ballarat Fine Art Gallery. He continued working as a civil servant in Ballarat and Graytown.

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