Edward William Cooke (1811 - 1880)

Cooke was a marine and landscape artist born in Pentonville, London, the son of well-known line engraver George Cooke. From an early age he demonstrated his skills in drawing and at the age of eighteen published his series, Shipping and Craft. He was surrounded by famous artist such as Clarkson Stanfield David Roberts.

Cooke began painting in oils in 1833 and took formal lessons from James Stark in 1834, and first exhibited at the Royal Academy and British Institution in 1835.He travelled often throughout his life, to Holland studying the great Dutch marine artists.

He was also a Fellow of the Linnean Society, Fellow of the Geological Society and Fellow of the Zoological Society, and of the Society of Antiquaries. His geological interests in particular led to his election as Fellow of the Royal Society in 1863 and he became a Royal Academician the following year.

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